Additional Content

Hello adventurers,

My adventuring experience has made me use the Dungeon Master Guide’s “Random Dungeon Generator”.  This fantastic little expansion to the game (found in the 1st Edition DMG) allows 2  (or more) players to generate content by simply rolling dice.  The tables certainly don’t provide any type of story or plot.  Plus, the tables can provide excessively difficult encounters.  However, one piece of this gem created a venue that could allow for a randomly generated design.

I’ve used random tables for a very long time and found that there are many instances where the tables can quickly generate content where none existed before.  I’ve incorporated content taken from multiple sources that help generate content randomly.  The primary focus is to create a City.

Dungeon Masters will be able to create a City makeup using random generation.  There will be a lot of content that will still need the Dungeon Master’s willingness to get creative.  However, the idea is to have a solution that allows multiple pages worth of material to be accessed very quickly and to come up with usable content.

Will it be perfect?  I highly doubt it!

It will make City based adventures more of a possibility and should provide enough useful information to the DM to help fashion the landscape of his/her world.

The basic idea behind this will be to fill in the blanks.  For example;

  1. Have multiple streets, building count, defined distances, population, weather, government type, law enforcement (if any)
  2. Have defined businesses, parks, museums, arts, inns and high visibility homes.
  3. Have random events occur – weather patterns, natural disasters, deity interference events…
  4. Develop store fronts – mercenaries, tailors, haberdashers, blacksmiths, foods, etc…
  5. Develop underground lairs and labyrinths.
  6. Implant specially structured rooms, monsters, treasure and traps.
  7. Define multiple low priority descriptions of any structure, monster or edifice.