This menu breaks down city topography, weather conditions, landscape, temperature, seasonal weather patterns, and a multitude of other required criteria to fashion a working city in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

A chart was created that describes the characteristics of the city.

Each chart entry will build upon the previous entry.  On rare occasion, a special item, location, event, government, weather event and unusual happenings will be created on the chart.

A meticulous DM can spend hours honing their city.  There are so many facets to use that this document just tries to touch on a few of the most frequently used.

Expect to spend a large amount of time to erect your city!

  1. City name
  2. City government
    • government type in place
    • government leaders
    • government alignment
    • government collusion
  3. City size
    • Total population
    • Population disbursement
  4. City class sizes
  5. City defenses
    • Magical
    • Non-magical
    • Troops
    • Special buildings/edifices
    • Special creatures
  6. City streets
  7. City water level
    • Rivers, lakes, ponds
    • Seasonal events – glacier melting, monsoon season
    • Land locked/unlocked areas

Dungeons taken from Issue 1 to 81