Cities – Employment

Any type of city or town must have people working in it.  This page has a breakdown of how difficult an occupation is, which will determine how frequent the profession is found within a city (or town).

Certain professions are more common the larger the city is.

I’ve gathered many professions together and focused on how often they might be seen.  Some professions will be very common and others very unusual.  An example, farmer is common and astrologer is very unusual.

Common Professions

Medicinal:  Apothecary, Herbalist, Physician

Building Homes or Businesses, Adornment:  Bricklayer, Carpenter, Locksmith, Mason, Painter

Arms and Weapons:  Armorer, Blacksmith, Bowyer/Fletcher, Leatherworker, Weaponsmith

Food and Drink, Storage/Preservation:  Baker, Brewer, Butcher, Cook, Food Seller, Farmer, Fishmonger, Fisherman, Gardener, Grain Merchant, Grocer, Innkeeper, Hunter, Miller, Potter, Shepherd

Peddler:  Hawker, Solicitor

Clothes:  Clothing Maker (Seamstress), Haberdasher (Hatter), Dyer, Shoemaker, Tailor, Weaver

Travel:  Coachman, Innkeeper

News:  Herald, Interpreter, Messenger

Banking:  Moneylender

Protection:  Guard, Soldier

Uncommon Professions

Law:  Barrister

Written Word:  Limner, Scribe

Protection:  Bodyguard, Mercenary, Bearer/Porter

Lighting:  Candlemaker

Government Officials:  Diplomat, Politician, Tax Collector, Mayor,  Nobleman, Noblewoman

Water Travel:  Boatman, Boat-wright, Sailor, Ship-wright

Education:  Bookbinder, Sage

Land Use:  Forester, Miner

Burial:   Gravedigger

Gems and Jewelry:  Jeweler

Stage:  Acrobat, Actor/Actress, Artist  (Painter/Sculpture), Jester, Juggler, Fire-Breather, Minstrel, Playwright, Storyteller

Animals, Pets:  Animal Handler

Unusual Professions

Astrologer:  Fortune Teller

Engineer:  Architect

Engraver:  Printer, Map-making, Goldsmith, Gem-smith

Glassblower (aka Gaffer): Lampworker

Wood Carver:  Sculpter

Rat Catcher:  Pest Controller

Dungeons taken from Issue 1 to 81